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Perfect man description

My partner must first of all be responsible, well-mannered, honest, fair, able to take care of himself. He should be interested in me and my needs, since I demand everything from myself too. He must be able to cook a steak, be romantic and love my creativity. Should be interested in realizing my dreams and not being a doer for me as a housework woman. He loves my children, to be able to stay alone with them, to be able to advise something ... My husband will take care of me and my children, provide moral, physical and financial support, make us happy, and we him. From alcohol I allow wine, with friends sometimes whiskey, without drugs. I don’t forgive betrayal, even if it’s just messages.

How I describe myself

I am quite a responsible, self-sufficient person. The character is balanced strict, fair, gentle, loving. I respect cleanliness, order, comfort, and also love to create it. I myself am a romantic person, I like to make small surprises. My interests are the development of myself as a creative person. I have a dream to be a designer in the fashion industry and a generator of creative ideas, to create and patent my own brand. Looking for friendly relations, with respect and loyalty to each other, or with a certain ability to negotiate the boundaries of relationships and desires. My husband should be able to respect a woman, it is not necessary to love, but to be able to take care of each other in a friendly way, to be interested in a woman, to give flowers and jewelry should be the norm for him. In a relationship I can’t stand lies, betrayal, greed, humiliation, superiority, then I have the courage to make comments and end such relationships. I love when they help me not only with deeds but also with advice. My husband should be able to express his desires, be able to apologize, if not by word then by deed.

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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Write paintings, lustrations, read books, sing, play sports


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