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My desired partner must love me, walk with me. He should be interested in music, books, crafts, cycling. He should take care of me, give me flowers, console me when I'm sad, help solve problems. He should not abuse alcohol, only on holidays, lead a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke. He should be kind, sympathetic, be able to show his feelings for me, not be stingy with compliments and not deceive. Character traits of my desired partner are fidelity, reliability, kindness, patience, care and desire to be a father. Equally important is his sense of humor, intelligence, self-confidence and generosity. --

How I describe myself

My name is Maria and I'm from Ukraine. I lived in Poland for 5 years. I studied at the university as a teacher for 2 years. For 2 years worked in a kindergarten in Poland. I love children very much and dream of having my own. I am a very active and cheerful girl. I like long trips and sometimes I like painting by numbers. I like to swim in the sea, ride a bike. Sometimes I like to experiment in the kitchen while cooking. My dream is to visit London and see America. I am looking for a long term relationship and want children. Emotionally I always worry about myself and others. I want to live in a modern house with a small garden, because I love flowers very much. I'm a romantic by nature, so I wouldn't mind if my husband brought breakfast in bed sometimes. For me, support and understanding in a relationship is very important. My husband should help me with the upbringing of our children, so that we travel together, solve all our problems. Also cook food together, spend time together, go to the cinema, theater.

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Skates, cycling, zumba, painting by numbers, cooking, fitness


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