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I would like to meet a smart, calm, caring man who is capable of tenderness. He has a favorite thing, a favorite job, in which he realized himself. A man who loves nature and travel, who has a lot to learn, ask for his advice .... Who knows how to listen and help. My man supports me in my hobbies. I am not a spender and I know how to save money, but I would not love a stingy and greedy man. I would not want him to smoke, but I will try to treat this with understanding. I like to cook together :)) to have dinner together later. He is clean and meticulous. And most importantly, he loves life, respects himself and those around him, is not rude ... but also not a slobber, not a crybaby. In a word, he is a real man, the man of my dreams.

How I describe myself

Only we ourselves know what is best for us. We intuitively feel when we betray ourselves and our values, but sometimes we are afraid to say it and defend our opinion, our vision of the situation, our decisions. Sometimes we are so afraid of losing something - a man, a job, the approval of others - that we are ready to betray ourselves. First in small things, then in more important matters. It takes inner strength and courage to say what is important to us. And be prepared for the fact that if a person is not ready to hear and accept your values, then he can leave. However, the paradox is that it is honesty with yourself and with others that creates closer and more sincere relationships. Hello! My name is Anna and I am here to find my soul mate. I am 100% feminine, caring and cheerful person. I also contain kindness, intelligence, sincerity, communication and responsibility. I am satisfied with my life, I live in harmony with myself. And, accordingly, I arouse the admiration of others :) I think that it is easy with me in everything: in conversation, in business, in everyday life. I can create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home, I like to cook, travel, relax in a quiet place. I also strive for tenderness and hugs in relationships every day, for me tactility is a very significant factor in relationships. I am a calm, sensitive and sometimes even shy woman who wants to feel peace and harmony next to her beloved. I am looking for a long term relationship with an appropriate and confident man who is financially stable and has a good sense of humor and is a good person.

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Yoga, travelling, cooking, nature walks, cinema, theater


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