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Perfect man description

My ideal man must be kind, honest, generous and considerate, who wants to have a family and children. To love sports and travel like me. He also had to be self-realized in his profession, loves his job, but could also devote time to his family. For me, care, support, sincerity are very important and I, in turn, will respond in kind. I want to spend our time together and make it a pleasure.

How I describe myself

I'm cool, sorry for my modesty (smile) But you can't throw words out of the text ... hahahha. I am a kind, charismatic and caring lady. I really love nature and travel. My dream is to create a happy and friendly family, and to bring up children in love. I also dream of doing what I love, my hobby and my family at the same time ... I'm sure I will have time to do everything (smile) By nature, I am soft and fluffy, it is very easy with me, because I am not a conflict lady. I approach life philosophically, easily and overcome any difficulties, but always with a smile and head held high :)

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Sports, reading, travelling, cinema


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