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Perfect man description

In the traditional sense, a real man is someone like James Bond. Strong, confident, independent. And, probably, related to heavy manual labor. But these are all stereotypes, and are no longer relevant. I evaluate a man by other criteria. First of all, a man does not have to be perfect! Ideal people alert me :) My man is cheerful, with a good sense of humor, not a bore, not a homebody who loves and knows how to cook, loves an active lifestyle, trips and travels. A person with a job and a profession. He should have a hobby and a good environment, without bad habits. So that his hobbies and religion are not at the expense of his family. It is very important that he has good relations with his family and relatives. Who loves and wants children.

How I describe myself

A woman is always easier in life than a man - she does not need to become someone, she just needs to be, and she is already whole, sufficient, sweet and beautiful. I think that you already understood who it was about now :) Also, I am responsible and focused. I pay special attention to self-development, I like to read, try something new and explore the world. I dream of a good family, where there is understanding and respect for each other. I want more children. I am looking for a reliable and responsible man and a strong shoulder so that he will be a real support for me, and I for him. I never try to appear or be better.... I am always the way I am... a cheerful, attentive, light and gentle lady. I believe that for every beauty there is a loving admirer, a poet or a prince. No need to show it, stick out, distort. It's enough just to be...:)

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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Running, swimming, massage, nature walks, self-realization, travel


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