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Perfect man description

I see next to me a man who can love, not use, be able to conduct a dialogue and negotiate, analyze, be able to apologize, listen to a woman and her intuition, respect the opinions of a woman. Family comes first for him. He is doing what he loves. He is a man of deeds, not words, to do men's deeds. In my man there is cleanliness, decency, responsibility. He loves me during the day as a girl and at night as a woman), He is also sexy, attractive, attentive, gentle, wise, leads an active and healthy lifestyle, courageous, brave, knows how to handle a woman, loves children, animals and nature, respects his parents, does not abandon his children.

How I describe myself

To be successful, in demand, interesting, to combine many social roles is what I strive for today. Versatility is in fashion now. I was born in Kyiv and have been drawing and dancing well since childhood. I wrote a book about dinosaurs and even dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. But fate decided otherwise and I became a mechanic. Yes, it's a little bit unusual for women to do men's work :) but I loved what I did for many years. When a woman does what she loves, she is inspired, passionate, and full of energy. In addition to work, I have a lot of hobbies: fitness, gym, strip plastic, equestrian sports, road trips, hiking, cooking, reading books, studying psychology, esotericism, I am always open to new things. I also graduated from a modeling school 40+ and acting. I performed in the theater and at the moment I am studying cryptocurrency. I'm afraid of heights, cycling, skiing, snakes, spiders, kris, don't like spicy food. My big dream is to visit the best cities on the planet in complete safety and relax with pleasure. I am thermophilic, calm, kind, gentle, soft, attractive, sexy, I can be tough when necessary, cheerful, between an extrovert and an introvert, I eat healthy food, I always like something new, interesting. I like children very much. I want to meet mutual love, create a happy family with my husband, live in joy, peace and prosperity.

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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Traveling, car tourism, looking for gold with a metal detector, doing strip painting, listening to music, watching movies, meeting with relatives and friends, picking mushrooms, shopping, hiking, water park, gym, reading books, etc.


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