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For me, the ideal relationship is to allow the other to be what he is: to make his choice, to have his own values. Respecting boundaries means respecting the other's right to self-expression. Of course, in the union of two there are always common goals: the partners are moving in the same direction, but they are not a single being. The boundary passes where everyone reserves the right to be what they want, to be realized in the direction that they have chosen, even if this choice seems strange to the second half. Also, my man must have honest intentions, be honest and frank, treat with understanding if, for example, I do not share his hobby or opinion. He must be educated, have a job. Of his qualities, perhaps that he should know how to properly treat a woman, respect her and take care of his family.

How I describe myself

I am a self-sufficient, purposeful girl, never married, no children (I plan to have them in the future). I am responsible, honest, kind, open to everything new, I am not afraid of difficulties, I love home comfort or outdoor walks. I currently live in Germany and study German intensively (I plan to work in German medicine). I dream of traveling a lot and seeing the world with my own eyes. Since I am a very active lady, lying down and basking in the sun is not for me. I'm more interested in architecture and different historical places. My friends consider me an interesting and cheerful conversationalist. Since childhood, I love to read, listen to music and watch movies. My motto is to enjoy every moment of life and never look back. I am looking for an honest faithful man who is ready for an honest and serious relationship.

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Reading books, listening to music, walking outdoors, swimming, watching movies, learning German


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