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My husband will be kind, sincere, generous, loving, educated, respectful of family values. Love of music, culture, sports is welcomed. We can be different, because there are no identical people. But it is important for a man to be able to listen his partner's thoughts and calmly resolve issues by agreeing... I want to look into deep eyes, feel the presence of a loved one next to me, under the smell of aromatic coffee, plan something for the near future, or just to have interesting and exciting conversations... The main thing is that together)

How I describe myself

By my nature, I am very kind and humble, but I have my core:-) I love to learn something new and work on myself in terms of development. I love to read and always follow the latest in the world of art. I also play the piano and the bandura (Ukrainian national instrument), and I sing well... But this romanticism does not reduce my interest in the politics and history of different countries. In my free time, I like to do sports, weave different clothes with my own hands. Also, I really like to travel, get to know the culture and customs of different countries...

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True love means to me

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I really love self-development, I read a lot. Also I like to knit.



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