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Perfect man description

I would like to meet a goal-oriented, reliable, well-educated, intelligent, successful, motivated, reliable, honest, kind, generous man for marriage. The soul came into this world to learn how to love. The first strong feeling we all had was for our mother, and in the last moments of our life this feeling is love for all the World. And if you want to be in the middle of abundant life feeling you are the person who I need. If you do not have love, it does not matter what you still have. So I want to meet a man who needs two friends: funny, nice girls, and two loving hearts. I want to meet a man, when looking at him, I see the personification of God on earth.

How I describe myself

I am communicative, flexible, responsive, kind, respectful, emotional, cheerful, intelligent. interesting, not only in body and soul, honest, open, sincere, creative. My life since childhood was very difficult and not easy, but my strong work ethic and self-discipline, good analytical skills, responsibility, pro-active attitude, open and good heart, faith in God helped me become an individual and live an interesting way from the carrier in the bank in the provincial town to the head in a very large financial institution in the capital of Ukraine. At the same time, I am very emotional and vulnerable, I can empathize and sympathize with, I support friends in a difficult moment. I am different, I can need support and I am ready to help, I can be vulnerable and strong, seeking advice and making serious decisions for millions of dollars, sexy and strong, light and serious, open and available, caring and demanding care. In my life I have all the elements and energy, my life is like day and night, like ice and fire, but that's what makes me special and unique.

Value in a man

Generosity, success, intelligence, honesty, positivity, health, reliability, joyful nature

Relationship with parents

Grateful to them

True love means to me

trust, mutual support, respect, attraction to each other, friendship, common interests

Infidelity how I describe

It breaks the relations forever

Goals in life

meet my soulmate and build our happiness together

How I describe satisfaction in life

Joy that comes from within

How I describe moral principles

They help us to be compassionate and understanding

How I describe the importance of friends

My daughter is my best friend!

How I describe what trust to me is

If I love you, then I trust you completely


I like sports: gym and swimming pool. I also like dancing, drawing, singing and learning English. I like activities that involve extreme and relaxation, something thrilling and pleasant like skiing, cycling, hiking, driving, indoor shooting, playing bowling, cold bathing during Epiphany cold frost. On the 8th of March I was climbing Hoverla the highest mountain in Ukraine while it was -10. After work, I go to the gym and yoga classes (especially I like kriya yoga), I swim regularly, I attend master classes on drawing (especially I like to redraw the picture by Monet, Vincent Van Gogh during his stay in Arles), I learn Thai and energy massages, I attend singing classes. I really love verses with meaning and I go the theater, especially I like to get into a poem or play and experience the same emotions, I attend lectures on psychology and spiritual development, I read books for self-development.


gym, swimming pool, skiing, cycling, hiking, driving, indoor shooting, playing bowling, yoga classes

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