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Perfect man description

Be a gentleman. Be ethical towards people around you and towards the environment. A sense of humor is essential trait number 1. Be calm and level-headed. Of course, I would like him to be fond of jazz, cinema, theater, art like me. But even if he simply welcomed these desires, I would already be good. Love for nature walks. Visiting pleasant restaurants. It is possible to read a book in the evening by the fireplace and have a joint dinner. Sport in a man's life, of course, is necessary (if he plays tennis, perhaps he could help me figure it out). He must have his favorite thing. Which fascinates him, which he does with pleasure, but the notion that free time and travel are needed should also be.

How I describe myself

I am kind, with a sense of humor. I like to learn something new, that's why I like to go to lectures and travel. I am light on my feet, and it is easy to negotiate with me about everything. I am a tender, little lady who is made for love. My ability to love is my greatest feature. When I love, I literally feel my partner. I adore making my beloved people happy with presents, gifts, cooking treats for them, being there for them. I want to share interests and hobbies of my future partner. I want to be the part of his life. I am open, sincere, and faithful. I am also responsible and energized. My main life priority now is family. I want to meet a man with whom we can together experience new things. When a woman has a great constant belief in her man while he never stops caring about her, nothing can disturb them from going far in life!

Value in a man

Kindness, intelligence, honesty, a desire to build a family, responsibility, healthy lifestyle, fidelity, open-mindedness

Relationship with parents

I loved my parents when they were alive. Now, I am treasuring memories about them.

True love means to me

To love means to be unconditionally devoted to a person, knowing about his imperfections. We cannot flee the ship whenever clouds gather on the horizon. True love doesn't depend on the weather

Infidelity how I describe

The end of relations

Goals in life

Change jobs! Move to live in the UK! Perfect to learn English! Create a family and make your home and garden cozy

How I describe satisfaction in life

A lot of things make me happy in life: study, new knowledge, travel, art, opera, jazz, good company, delicious food, good wine, books, movies, hiking, SUP boarding, sea, yachting, tennis, SPA.

How I describe moral principles

They are important to me. Truth and trust. Better to tell the truth and try to understand each other. Than to hide something for a long time, and at the same time it will be more painful for everyone when the truth is revealed.

How I describe the importance of friends

I adore my friends and I am very grateful for having them! With friends, I can discuss all sorts of topics that interest us. We often help each other, but lately, more of my friends have helped me. The main thing is to have common interests so that you can have a good time and have something to discuss.

How I describe what trust to me is

A true sense of trust can only be experienced by a free person. I like this definition: trust is an inner feeling, expressed in the fact that a person can identify the interests of another person with his own. In other words, if I trust someone, I can rely on him as myself.


I have many interests in my life. I am good at finding exciting places and events. I travel a lot. Although I define myself as a happy person, I realize that my happiness is not full until I have someone special to share it with. I am kind but I can be a little sarcastic in my humor. The more I learn about life, the better I understand that there are so many things I am yet to experience! I am vigorous and I adore life! I am enthusiastic about art, design, traveling, and different cultures. Throughout my life, I always find things that attract me, capture my attention, and inspire me to move forward, look for new ways of my personal development. When I saw the painting of Pablo Picasso, I became interested in pictural art. I traveled all over Europe to attend museums and look at his works. I draw and practice interior design, jewellery design, and floristics. Also, I have a passion for photography. I worked as a professional photographer in the past. I love being in nature. I like jazz and books. I regularly visit museums, cinemas, and theaters. I attend different courses and lectures about personal development. I practice yoga and meditation. I am vegetarian.


I practice Yoga. All summer I was doing Sap boarding 2-3 times a week. In winter I swim in the pool. Now I plan to take lessons in Big Tennis.

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