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Perfect man description

I am looking for a family oriented, energetic, independent, active, successful, cheerful man...I will instictively know when I meet my ideal partner. I would like to meet a generous and unselfish soul mate. I usually expect my partner to be much more than an admirer, I need him to be my best friend too.

How I describe myself

I am confident, practical, tenderhearted personality. I am also kindhearted and get a lot of satisfaction from helping others. My adaptability, charm and work ethic are amongst my most defining qualities. While many people become overwhelmed with new people or in new environments, I take to new experiences with excitement.

Value in a man

A desire to create a family, active and healthy lifestyle, success, generosity, open-mindedness, joyful nature

Relationship with parents

Loving and caring

True love means to me

meeting my soulmate

Infidelity how I describe

loss of trust

Goals in life

creating a family with my future husband and becoming a wife and a mother

How I describe satisfaction in life

being helpful to others and sharing my love with people around

How I describe moral principles

love is the highest principle

How I describe the importance of friends

I love my friends and I enjoy spending time with them

How I describe what trust to me is

confidence, support, openness, security.


I am interested in designing clothes, i like drawing, sewing, i enjoy going to the theater, i love photographing, dancing, meeting friends, I am also fond of beautiful architecture ...



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