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I don't want to be happy myself, I want to make each other happy, successful, loved and guess the mysteries of love together with my future husband. Love is to find joy even in any nonsense, if it is shared with you by a loved one, love - it does not mean to look at each other together, it is to look together in one direction, to go together to the goal. I have a little dream, to learn to skate, maybe I will make my dream come true with my future husband.

How I describe myself

I like to drive a car, long distance is not a problem for me. I'm not afraid of new obstacles, but of course it's better to overcome them together. I have a good sense of humor, and I appreciate it in people.

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I love spending time with my daughter. Walking in the park, going to the movies (I will watch the cartoon with pleasure). I like to go to the theater, to the concerts of classical and pop music, and this is not surprising, because I am a musician by profession (opera singer). By teaching them, I also learn to be smarter, more tolerant, more restrained, to perceive and look at the world from another angle. I love outdoor recreation with friends. I love to meet and watch the beauty of the sunset by the sea. In the morning I like to drink a small cup of very strong coffee.I like to create a cozy atmosphere around me and my family.


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