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The man of my choice is independent, smart, and intelligent. My man loves practicing sport, healthy, active. He is the Man, with his own ideals and interests. He is open to new experiences together with his woman.I want my man to have a good sense of humor. I am looking for a mutual loving partnership relation, to enjoy life and continue personal growth and development together. I want to be able to relax and feel myself a loved lady, granting my man my love and energy. With our mutual well-being and prosperity where love, understanding, respect, and acceptance support our lives!

How I describe myself

Having worked for multinational company all my life I am very cosmopolitan. I am open for more life experiences and activities, life is so interesting!

Value in a man

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Being an active and cheerful person from my birth, my interests are vast and different. I love art and museums. I love theaters and try to visit theaters in each country I’ve been to and I’ve been to more than 60 so far and I am not going to stop at this point. I like reading and learning new things so my book choices are mostly scientific, economic and psychological books. I cook well but I like to go out and meet my numerous friends. I like to dance, why not! I do a lot of sports including fitness, barre, yoga, TRX. T Sport helps me stay active, healthy and in shape. I love hiking, sailing, diving, travelling.


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