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Perfect man description

Family-oriented, respectful towards women, spiritual, loving children, animals. Caring, kind, honest, with a good sense of humor. Having an understanding of the family, where a man provides all the basic needs of a woman, and a woman provides comfort and coziness in the family. To have a hobby or hobbies, love to travel, not drinking every day.

How I describe myself

I prefer the comfort of home to noisy places. Dinner with a sea view to a party. I am patient, assertive, pragmatic, romantic, strong-willed, feminine, I try to avoid conflicts. Cheerful and inquisitive. Fair, honest, creative. I love to cook and delicious food. I don't eat fast food.

Value in a man

Communication, respect, trust, compromise.

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Being close and at the same time feel free. Care, understanding, passion, physical attractiveness, desirability.

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

Learn Spanish. Visit Barcelona, Paris, London.

How I describe satisfaction in life

What makes me happy... Being in nature, in the mountains, at the sea, I feel happy. Traveling, self-care, sometimes spending time on my own (drawing). I am interested in astrology. Stability, to be loved and desired.

How I describe moral principles

Faithful, Cultural, Courtesy, Merciful, Tolerant, Responsible,

How I describe the importance of friends

A friend is for me a person who rejoices in your success without envy. Friends passed through the years. Ready to come in difficult times and support. I do not accept and do not support friendship between a man and a woman. An exception is if a friend or girlfriend is a relative.

How I describe what trust to me is

Frankness, sharing secrets. Confidence in honesty and sincerity.


I really enjoy: Architecture, Hiking to the mountains, forest, picnics, Humor, Going for walks in the forest or park, Pets, Photograph, International tourism, Philosophy, esotericism, psychology, Medicine. Personal care, Needlework, Cooking, Fashion, Design, Healthy lifestyle, I like: Alpine Skiing, Bicycle, Classical music, Chatting with friends, Folk music, Dancing, Going to restaurants, Good wines, Fishing, Theatre, Movies, Museum, Swimming, water sports, Reading, Sailing on a yacht, boat, Singing, Gardening, indoor plants, Shopping,


I do Pilates every morning.

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