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Perfect man description

Self-confident, knows what he wants and achieves it or at least makes a real effort for it, knows how and takes responsibility, treats his woman as a partner, sure taking into account our gender differences, honest, faithful, caring... Takes care of his health, leads a healthy lifestyle.

How I describe myself

It's difficult))) I really don't like conflicts and if it doesn't harm anyone, then everything is ok. At the same time, I do defend what I consider to be right or in need of protection.... I am patient, but this patience has a limit, and I mostly able to defend its borders. I hope this answers the question))

Value in a man

Honesty, openness, willingness to communicate, ability to provide mutual support.

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Passion + friendship

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

I want to meet my husband and create a happy family with him, and I want to have children. In the nearest, I would say daily, perspective - to maintain balance and harmony, in accordance with life during the war, it is not easy at times. Good to find a new jobl. I would like to start studying psychology next year.

How I describe satisfaction in life

I consciously understand that to be happy or not, it depends on me, coming first from me, and I try very hard for this. But subconsciously, I really want a family and become a mother, to love someone special to me and be loved, to love and take care of my child.

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

How I describe what trust to me is

When I know and I am sure, that a person accepts me, does not necessarily completely understand, but will not condemn, and accept my choice and view. Trust can only be mutual.


Nature, parks, mountains, the sea, meeting friends, riding a bicycle, handicraft (embroidery, knitting ... it's brand new), cooking for someone, films, books.


Gym minimum 2 times a week. Do Bodyflex independently preferably a couple of times a week. I like to ride a bike, before, when the circumstances were favorable, I rode to work, when there is company, I also enjoy riding. Went on several day tours to the Crimea, later to the Carpathians. I went on several-day hikes in the Carpathians, but without heavy backpacks.)) Previously, was fond of dancing: classical sport dancing, salsa, oriental.

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