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Perfect man description

Attentive, caring, kind, family-oriented man.

How I describe myself

I am open, responsible, calm, goal-oriented, tender, independent. I am trustful but I believe that each of us has a good and sincere genesis. I believe in first feeling, the first impression about a person, though it can be changed by any actions in the future.

Value in a man

I value understanding, respect, support, love, care. I dream to create a happy family full of love and positive emotions. I dream to raise children together, develop their talents, enjoy their success.

Relationship with parents

Mutual understanding

True love means to me

Wish to support your beloved, surround with care, attention and undersatnding

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

Creating happy and full family - in love, emotions, responsibility, mutual understanding. Growing up children, developing their talents, enjoying their success. Realize me in business and charity projects - dreaming to found the orphanage for talented kids.

How I describe satisfaction in life

The mentioned goals and values mixed in the happy family.

How I describe moral principles

To adopt the rules

How I describe the importance of friends

Great, their support is very important to me

How I describe what trust to me is

100% assurance in your half


I go for a walk in the park with my child. We enjoy roller skating, go to the cinema, spend time outside of the city. I like meeting with friends. I am interested in reading books.



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