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Perfect man description

Family oriented, successful man, which has built his business and doesn’t have to sit in the office from morning till night each day, which can spend more time with his family, having a remote work. I like when man is generous, which can help his woman he loves, when he really takes care of his family and does his best to have a better life for a family. I like when a man has his own hobby, which is important. I want my man to be my good friend, my greatest lover and the most loving father for our kids. I want to feel myself protected with him and never be worried about anything. I don’t like lazy men, who just lay on their couch and watching TV all day, I like men which are really successful in life, which has everything and now ready to create a loving family and be happy)

How I describe myself

I am kind and tender. I can be stubborn sometimes. I am romantic as well. I am loving and caring. I dream of creating a family with the man I will love. I can make a house a very cozy place. Interesting) I would say…) I’m not a quite girl, I’m not boring for sure) I’m a kind person, with a good sense of humor, and I like when a man has also a good sense of humor)) I’m an active person, I’m never bored. The rest - better to find out by yourself ;)

Value in a man

My support and encouragement.

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

When you trust each other, support, help in all situations, when you can laugh together, have same values in life, when you’re not irritated at your partner, when you both know how to solve any problems, when you’re not jealous too much, when you’re good friends, when you are too good in sex, all this combination- is a great mixture for a happiness and love.

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

To buy a car

How I describe satisfaction in life

My family, friends, opportunity to travel (I love traveling), acting (I’m an actress and this is my biggest hobby which I enjoy a lot), being healthy, surprises (only good ones), sunny and warm weather, every single moment of life

How I describe moral principles

Understanding and trust

How I describe the importance of friends

Friends are important for me. I have friends and I’m more than sure that my man will also have his friends. Of course I think it’s normal when a couple can decide that a woman can meet her friends sometimes, and a man can meet his friends as well. But it has to be equal.

How I describe what trust to me is

When you can tell something to your partner and he will understand you, support you. When you don’t have to feel that you will come back home and he/she will start being jealous that you were at work with your colleagues and so on… Jealous- not possible in a relationship.


I like spending time with my friends, going to the cinema,singing karaoke. I also like cycling in the park when it is warm outdoors. I used to play the piano. Sometimes, I do handmade. I enjoy cooking as well.


I’m not a sports fan. I can do some morning exercises and I walk a lot, when I’m at home.

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