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First of all, I am looking for a close friend, because this is very important for long-lasting love. He is a noble person that is so rare trait nowadays. He is not mean and not petty. He knows what it is: valor and honor. It is what I appreciate a lot at first turn. It would be very interesting to be with a person who loves what he does the same way as I love my job. He also has his own dreams and it is beautiful when two loving people can share their most precious dreams with each other and help each other in making them true. My man would support me in my aspiration to be not only a good wife and loving mother, but also to be successful in my career. Together we will never get bored because in our relationships there will be always passion and romance.

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True love means to me

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How I describe myself

As a person I am not bad and not good. I am just fair women. And everything depends on the situation. I like to help people, to support them and share my warmth with them. Desribing my character, I can compare myself with the nature. It is endlessly generous and fabulous in its diversity, it supports our health and life. Anyway, if person starts to disrespect it, pollute it too much, use it unwisely, sooner or later there will be negative outcomes and it is impossible to predict what will be further. So can we say that the nature is cruel? No. Just fair. Do not do bad things to it and she will be generous with you.