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Perfect man description

Smart, sexy, charismatic, kind, funny, purposeful, rich, goes in for sports,monitors his appearance, without bad habits,loves children, respects and values ​​women.

How I describe myself

I can feel and understand the inner state of a person I century, i.e. I have empathy. and to other people. I have direct communication. flock to develop, both mentally, physically and spiritually. I always focus on beauty, I can thank myself and others. I believe that a person is able to be creative whole life. And my plus is that communicating with me, people begin to believe in themselves and their potential.

Value in a man

Respect, Love, Sex,Direct communication,Openness,Trust,Non-judgmental attitude,Development

Relationship with parents

I'm an orphan

True love means to me

Love is a tender and warm feeling that is born in the heart. When you love a person, then he feels it and his life becomes bright and filled. Caring for another person appears

Infidelity how I describe

End of love and relationships

Goals in life

My goal is to self-actualize, to be in partnership relationship with beloved man, to live in unison with inner world, in love and happiness

How I describe satisfaction in life

Partner marriage where the spouses are in a state of synergy Respect, love and sex -key criteria. The desire to develop,supporting each other in their interests. Together travel and communicate with friends. Everyone has time for personal space.

How I describe moral principles

Very important

How I describe the importance of friends

very important

How I describe what trust to me is


I read books, do meditation, yoga, movies, I ride a bike I'm chatting with friends


Fitness, yoga

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