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Perfect man description

Educated, mentally mature, with a good sense of humor and self-irony, respectful, loving and caring, supports in goals and endeavors, generous with praise and gratitude, aimed at success, achievements and a high standard of living, surrounds himself with high-quality relationships and things, equal character, open to couple therapy if necessary, family friendly, no addictions of any kind, high level of culture, abundant thinking, high level of financial autonomy, sensible attitude to money and investing, a way to listen and open up the soul, generous and loves to please his girlfriend, good reputation in society, social

How I describe myself

I am charming, well-developed aesthetic taste and a sense of beauty. I am responsible and honest, successful in my endeavors and used to doing what I love. Creative, calm nature, intelligent and educated. I can work a lot with my hands, creating clothes and accessories.

Value in a man

Mutual interest and similar values Ability to make each other laugh Openness and honesty, loyalty Ability to talk about everything Mental health and comfort of both partners Mutual support, loyalty

Relationship with parents

good,I am the only daughter of my parents.

True love means to me

Deep mutual interest in each other, the ability to speak on all topics and the desire to work on relationships with oneself and with a partner, if necessary

Infidelity how I describe

Physical treason. Sex with another partner. Flirting and being interested in another person. Active actions to attract attention and communicate with the opposite sex in secret from the partner. Any active interest in the anti-fire sex most often has a sexual connotation. Consequently, in a serious trusting relationship, it is unacceptable.

Goals in life

Realize your talents. Career success and financial well-being. Meet a reliable partner for life, fall in love and start a family, become a mother in a happy marriage. Maintain your beauty and health for as long as possible. I love to live a long and happy life.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Happy long quiet life in love. Food, travel, lots of fun and everyday little things and routines. Self-development, time together and alone, the prospects for creating a family, having children.

How I describe moral principles

Are important. Only everyone has their own concept of morality.

How I describe the importance of friends

Friendship is a matter of common interest and relationship work in a take-and-give balance.

How I describe what trust to me is


Most of the time - cycling, training in connection with plans to change activities, I create clothes for myself. I love to sew, working a lot by hand with natural exclusive fabrics (silk, wool, cashmere, crystal embroidery), a few years ago I had a brand of accessories, I participated in dozens of fashion shows) I draw well, sometimes I like to sing, I read a lot about the psychology of personality and relationships, I study art and fashion history. I love dancing


Bicycle, jogging, stretching, dancing and plastic

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