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Perfect man description

A man with a strong character, decent, generous, devoted, honest, responsible, attentive, sincere, caring about family and children, optimist, very important with a sense of humor, who know how to make a surprise or a holiday, romantic, takes care of himself, ambitious, decisive, financially independent.

How I describe myself

confidence, kindness, sociability, plus - naturalness, tenderness and smile

Value in a man

intimacy, generosity, surprise each other, act like children sometimes, appreciate love, a common dream

Relationship with parents

warm and close family relationships

True love means to me

Love is freedom. The freedom to be yourself next to someone who accepts you as you are.

Infidelity how I describe

betrayal is like death to me, not I will never forgive

Goals in life

find a life partner who really suits me, give birth to a second child, very love children, inspire other people, be independent, enjoy work

How I describe satisfaction in life

life can show its best side))

How I describe moral principles

humanity, deference are very important, rationality, courage and honor

How I describe the importance of friends

With friends, it is easy to meet the needs of opposite, be yourself, being different with each of them

How I describe what trust to me is


dancing zumba


water aerobics

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