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Perfect man description

I am looking for an honest, loyal, kind, caring, sincere, enthusiastic, passionate, understanding the value of relationships and appreciating sincere relationship. Hope he will feel like a man next to me. It is important not to suppress each other, to value and respect your partner, we must physically like each other

How I describe myself

I am a gentle enough character to build relationships, caring, affectionate, emotions and feelings of a partner are important. The main thing is to be happy. I want the man next to me to be also happy and satisfied. I think it is important for me to do something in life, both in the profession and simply in the development of the personality. This is the only way to raise happy children.

Value in a man

Loyal, kind, caring, honest, sincere, passionate, passionate, understanding the value of relationships

Relationship with parents

relationships can hardly be called close or trusting

True love means to me

When I can live without him, but I want to live with him.

Infidelity how I describe

Rather, it is a betrayal that will be difficult for me to forgive

Goals in life

to be happy

How I describe satisfaction in life

I dream of having my own home, family, dog and cat, to be happy and to give happiness to my loved ones.

How I describe moral principles

Very important. You can't build relationships without them

How I describe the importance of friends

very important

How I describe what trust to me is


Reading books, working out in the gym, learning to draw, studying psychology, watching football matches.



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