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Perfect man description

I pay attention to strong and motivated men; it is important to me that the man was polite, with a good sense of humor and good looks.

How I describe myself

I am a responsible, calm, hardworking girl; I like my job, but I always dedicate the weekend to my family and close people; I love animals, I love to take care of those who are dear to me

Value in a man

Responsibility, willpower, leadership position in life

Relationship with parents

I love my parents very much, I always give them time, I try to take care of them

True love means to me


Infidelity how I describe


Goals in life

I constantly strive for new achievements, therefore, in work and in private life, I have where to go :) I dream of my own family, children; in my career I want to become a more successful and independent lawyer

How I describe satisfaction in life

Success in work, happiness in love.

How I describe moral principles

I really appreciate honesty, loyalty and ability to keep the word

How I describe the importance of friends

There are no many friends, so I have the most trusting relationships with my friend, with whom I have been friends for over 5 years

How I describe what trust to me is





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