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Perfect man description

It's very important for a woman to feel the love and care of a beloved man, his support and protection. That's why I'm looking for that man who wants to be my protector, partner, friend, and loving husband. I always pay attention to the inner world of a person and I appreciate his intelligence.

How I describe myself

I'm quite a versatile and educated lady, with a positive outlook on the world and a desire to love. I'm a good specialist in my work, this is evidenced by the grateful reviews of my students and clients. Children and friends admire my cooking skills and call me a culinary fairy. I'd like to pamper my man with delicious dishes, give him my smile, create comfort in our house, and also do everything to make our couple happy.

Value in a man

I appreciate the ability to love and take care of his lady, the desire to have joint conversations. High intelligence always adds charisma to a man.

Relationship with parents

It was customary in our family to study, so everyone had higher education and read a lot. Therefore, from the very childhood, I absorbed a lot of literature, which gave me an excellent basis for the job that I am doing now.

True love means to me

Love is a magical feeling that lives in the heart of every person, but not everyone lets love come out. We are often afraid to love, afraid of being hurt. But I believe that there is nothing more wonderful than love, and therefore I give my love to the world and the people around me. But the most valuable thing in my heart I keep for my man.

Infidelity how I describe

If feelings have died away, it is better to say about it openly. Infidelity is when we are afraid to offend a person and deceive. But sooner or later all the secret comes out.

Goals in life

I love to write, so my goal is to finish the second part of my novel, "On stilettos across a tightrope". I also dream of a romantic date in Paris or Vienna.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Satisfaction is the opportunity to go for a walk or travel with a beloved man or enjoy a delicious dinner at home. But while there is no loved one in my life, I get pleasure from work, from communicating with my students, clients, with my daughters, and also from reading my favorite book.

How I describe moral principles

Moral principles are respect for people, adherence to established boundaries, as well as a humane attitude towards animals.

How I describe the importance of friends

I love meeting friends, sitting in a restaurant, having pleasant conversations, going to the suburb for a barbecue. For the holidays I always bake cakes and gladly treat my friends.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is, first of all, sincerity. You look into a person's eyes and see the depth of his openness and interest.


Teaching, journalism, writing the second part of the novel "On High Heels on a Rope", I like to visit the opera house, I like jazz.



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