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Perfect man description

Every woman dreams of her ideal man, for me, this is a persistent, confident man with leadership qualities. I would love to meet a man who is engaged in the development of his personality, loves to travel, and has deep family values.

How I describe myself

By nature, I'm a gentle, sincere, open lady who loves life, travel, and learning something new. I never get bored because I have hobbies that give me a lot of pleasure. I love cycling, cooking delicious meals, studying art history, and watching documentaries. I'm very generous and in my heart, there is a lot of love that I would like to give to a special man.

Value in a man

In men, I value confidence, decency, care for the woman he loves, and the family as a whole.

Relationship with parents

My parents gave me an excellent upbringing, and I'm very grateful to them. My mom lives in another city, but we call each other and she is my closest person and most loyal friend.

True love means to me

True love is when partners take into account each other's interests, consult, have common goals, and give support to each other at any moment.

Infidelity how I describe

Infidelity can arise in those relationships where there is no love, but only consumer interest. I prefer to be honest with a partner, entering into a relationship with a man, he becomes my dear and close person, my best friend!

Goals in life

In addition to the fact that I strive to find my soul mate, a kindred spirit, I plan to master 3D graphics and learn how to make professional video clips.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Satisfaction is when you wake up from the gentle kiss of your beloved man, who smiles looking at me and cooks breakfast for us with great pleasure.

How I describe moral principles

Parents grow in us moral principles from childhood, making us responsible people. Therefore, respect for parents, the ability to take responsibility for actions are the basic moral principles.

How I describe the importance of friends

The most loyal and reliable friends are my family - my parents and my sister. Since my sister and I live in the same city, we often meet, support each other, and are just happy that we are a friendly family.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is when I can talk to a man or a friend about everything, on any topic, without fear that our private dialogue will be discussed with other people.


cycling, cook, history


yoga, fitness, running

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