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Perfect man description

My ideal man has a very keen sense of humor; he is smart, kind, brave, and understanding. I think it can be boring to be serious all the time. Sometimes life gets hard, and only laughter and good company save from being stressed. I also hope that my man will be faithful and will be always by my side when I need him.

How I describe myself

I'm a positive and feminine lady. I like comfort and tasty food. For me, warm happiness is to sit in the evening by the fireplace hand in hand and give a smile to someone you love. I'm a very romantic lady and love beautiful places. My friends say there is a fountain of charging energy inside me. The motto and the best strategy of my life is to simply do the best of what is possible every day, to dream and achieve.

Value in a man

In a man, I appreciate the intelligence and ability to be responsible.

Relationship with parents

I'm on good terms with my parents. They taught me to gain knowledge and be attentive. But I live with my grandparents, as their location is closer to my work.

True love means to me

I came here to meet a decent man and truly fall in love, to find out what true love is.

Infidelity how I describe

I haven't faced infidelity, but I believe that if one of the partners becomes unfaithful, there is no point in continuing. No matter how strong love is, infidelity cannot be forgiven. Infidelity can only be when feelings fade away.

Goals in life

Meet the love of my life, create a big and happy family, get higher education abroad, start my own business and travel a lot with my beloved husband.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Inner satisfaction comes when I spend time with my family, next to those close to me. It is always calm and sincere with them.

How I describe moral principles

If a man and a woman decide to be together, they should be respectful to each other, understand that interests may not coincide, but we are all different and it is important to accept a partner as he is, without trying to change him and make comfortable for himself. A happy relationship is the ability to communicate with each other.

How I describe the importance of friends

I can't imagine my life without friends, but I can definitely say that I want to be a friend for my future husband.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is what will be the foundation of my relationship with a man.



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