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Perfect man description

I'm looking for an emotionally mature man, who knows what he wants, has hobbies, dreams, goals, passionate about life. I like adventurous people who are risk-takers. I need someone, who loves traveling, trying new experiences, (even extreme ones, such as rock climbing, for example), kind and genuinely cares about others and the world.

How I describe myself

Having joy and fun together is necessary for a relationship. Marriage shouldn't be about rules and obligations. It is important for me to feel free to pursue my dreams and goals in marriage, and have a partner who has goals and dreams too. I can easily only adopt the supporting, nurturing, and nourishing role with a partner who has the necessary qualities to be a great leader. I'm not sure I want to have kids, but if I decide to have kids I would want to raise them with a partner so that we both could have a full, satisfying life and share this experience.

Value in a man

I'm attracted to proactive individuals with strong leadership skills. Even though I'm a leader by nature, in a relationship I prefer having a role of support. I love uplifting and inspiring people.

Relationship with parents

I live far from my parents. They say the farther children are from their parents, the warmer their relationship is.

True love means to me

True love is the same that successful marriage, for me, is a collaboration of two great people, who together become even greater. Therefore, both people need to learn how to be happy by themselves before starting a relationship.

Infidelity how I describe

Infidelity is a violation of one's obligations to a partner, deception.

Goals in life

To publish a book, continue studying, teach yoga, travel, create beautiful and harmonious relationships. One of my big dreams is to go to Africa for a mission trip.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Satisfaction is work, sun, sea, air, travel, helping people, being able to wake up every morning and live.

How I describe moral principles

I think partners should inspire each other to be their best selves and support each other's growth and development.

How I describe the importance of friends

Friendship is like a flower, with love and care, it grows stronger.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust means to believe that something is true although you have no proof; this feeling comes from the heart.



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