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Perfect man description

I need a man who makes my heart beat faster when I see him .Who knows how to appreciate life and who can enjoy it. I hope that we will inspire each other. And I want to go with him hand in hand in our future happy life. I really want a strong, happy family! And I'm ready to do it with you.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

How I describe what trust to me is

How I describe myself

You can believe me, when I tell you, you've never met a woman quite like me. I am very romantic, kind, calm, devoted woman, who does like home coziness. I enjoy good company, music. I am lucky in life and now, I want to be happy in love. Like any woman I am fond of talking but at the same time I am a good listener. Marriage for me is a mutual work of two people. I would like to meet a man who likes this life, enjoys it, who loves children and does want to have friendly family.



Fitness, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, bowling, billiards