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Perfect man description

If I meet the man who will be kind, carrying, who will respect my life aims and visions, who will be generous with brilliance sense of humor - he will become my Hero! I will be glad to meet the man who will be active and easy going. Who will not have bad habits, as I do not have them? I need the man who will have serious intentions only. Who will be responsible reliable and whose wish to create the family will be as strong as mine. Here one more point, but it may seem a little bit strange: I will not mind if the man will be much higher than I am.)) However, it is not necessary of course.

How I describe myself

I think, the strongest characters of me are: decency, honesty and responsibility. I used to treat people the way I want they treat me. It is a kind of my life principle. I do appreciate my time and try not to waste it, as time is the most important we have in life. Out time is our life. I am very open and funny, I like to laugh and to make jokes. I love amusement parks!

Value in a man

Polite, kind to others, who are educated. It is very important for me to see that the man I communicate with can express his thoughts correctly.

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

How I describe what trust to me is

I do appreciate the trust, as trust is the ground of happy relationships.


I like photography and I make photos of nature and interesting places. I want to say that I am quite creative person. Self-development is another thing I like to do. I like to explore and to learn something new about life and the world in general. I cannot imagine myself without traveling. I like to open new horizon, new places, countries, cities…. I have been working to China for 3 years and this country, its culture impressed me and it left a mark in my heart. After China, I understood that this world is so very beautiful and amazing. So now, I want to see more and more countries… I love sea so very much. Sometimes I think I am not able to live without the Sea or the Ocean. I like to eat tasty food, sometimes it’s not very healthy, whatever)) I like Cars and everything that connected with cars. I like to trip by car very much. I am an aesthete my nature. I like to live in comfortable conditions and I like comfort at all. Besides, I love to feel the smell of fresh flowers very much!


I like to visit the gym very much. To keep my body in shape is the greatest pleasure for me.

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