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Perfect man description

In a relationship age is the last thing I pay attention to. I always put the quality of communication to the fore. My ideal man is kind, respectful, caring, and ready to give his girlfriend a fairy tale!

How I describe myself

I consider myself a very kind and honest person. I am principled and faithful. My soul is open. I love life and travel to new places. I visited more than 50 countries and this is not the limit. I love when a man can make a loved woman happy and surprise in an unpredictable way. I like to spend time in gardens and green parks. I love nature and feel happy and comfortable in the fresh air.

Value in a man

The most valuable human qualities are kindness and openness. Humanity is the basis of our life.

Relationship with parents

My mother is my life support. In this period of life, we live in the same apartment. I work a lot and she helps me with raising my son. We have a very warm relationship.

True love means to me

I would like to say that true love is like in a fairy tale: “They lived happily together for a long time”. In fact, I think that true love is sympathy between a man and a woman, which has grown into something more. In a relationship, we should give more, without demanding anything in return. Then the partner will also give you attention, care, love, and time. So, true love is daily fascinating work on relationships.

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

The main goal is family and children care, but at the same time, I want fully to reveal myself as a woman in beauty, relationships, creating home comfort, giving love to the world, learning spiritual practices, and finding harmony.

How I describe satisfaction in life

As for me, the greatest pleasure in life is to live in harmony with my inner world and the people around me.

How I describe moral principles

I appreciate the generosity, both spiritual and physical, honesty in everything, and loyalty. I exclude people who have betrayed me at least once.

How I describe the importance of friends

I have a few true friends, time-tested. Meeting with them is very important to me. We do not meet often, only 1-2 times a month, but meetings are always filled with kindness, fun and gratitude for each other.

How I describe what trust to me is

I am an honest and loyal lady. First of all, I am honest with myself and follow my principles. Having made a choice once, I carry it to the end. If my life priorities change, I will not betray my choice, I will be honest to the end.


Traveling is my favorite hobby and my inspiration. I also love going to the theater, to concerts and exhibitions. I like to spend time in nature, organize picnics. I love my native town and I’d like to be your guide and show my favorite places when you come here


My morning begins with jogging, which gives me energy for the whole day. I swim a lot in the summertime.

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