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Perfect man description

I'm looking for a man who knows how to be romantic next to his beloved woman, to surprise with signs of attention and offers. I know how to love and be thankful, so for my part, I will do everything to make my man feel comfortable, happy, satisfied. I know how to cook deliciously and pamper my chosen one with a tasty dinner, wake him up in the morning with a gentle kiss. Living with a loved one under the same roof can be even better than in a fairy tale. Don't you think so?

How I describe myself

I'm a positive, cheerful, interesting, and at the same time easy-going woman. I'm kind, understanding, decent, and love to learn new things. I have no bad habits and I love life. But there are things without which you a priori cannot be fully happy. For me, this is love. So I'm here to fall in love and make one more person happy on earth

Value in a man

For some reason, it is customary to appreciate men for their actions, and not for words. I appreciate men who know how to keep their word. The man said, the man did.

Relationship with parents

I value family and respect my parents.

True love means to me

When I read fairy tales as a child, I understood what true love is. But in real life, the prince will not come to me on a white horse, so in my adult understanding, true love is sincere feelings. And no matter what language we speak or how far from each other we are, sincerity is above all.

Infidelity how I describe

I don't know what infidelity is because in my understanding love and relationships are honesty. And I believe that both partners should be faithful to each other if they have chosen the common goal of creating a family.

Goals in life

I want to create a happy relationship with a good man, have children, go on an exciting journey together, enjoy the fact that we have each other.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Reading, swimming, hiking, sea, sun, beach, ... so many things that please me and make me feel satisfied with life.

How I describe moral principles

There must be romance in a relationship. Then the passion will grow too.

How I describe the importance of friends

I love meeting friends, going together to concerts, movies.

How I describe what trust to me is

In a relationship with a loved one, as in friendship, most of the success comes from trust, and trust is an open conversation on any topic.


Music, cinema, reading, languages, traveling, sports


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