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Perfect man description

I dream of meeting a real man, a gentleman, who will make me smile, next to whom I will feel the lightness and absolute happiness. I want him to be well-mannered, kind-hearted, responsive, and attentive. I dream of a friendly and happy family, a home filled with joy and positive emotions, where peace and love are always at the helm.

How I describe myself

I'm a beautiful and intelligent blonde. Attractive combination, right? ???? I'm a very romantic, gentle, and kind lady and doing my best to make loved ones happy. I really like my life and I enjoy it. I like cultural events such as theater, ballet, art exhibitions, concerts, adore outdoor activities, cooking, giving surprises. I have a lot of different hobbies and pretty successful in my business.

Value in a man

I appreciate a good sense of humor in people. Humor helps avoid conflict.

Relationship with parents

I realized how important the love of children for their parents is when I became a mother. Therefore, I try not to conflict with my parents and respect their opinions, even if they differ. They gave me life, this is the first reason I'm grateful to them.

True love means to me

If I fall in love with a man, I will feel it in my heart, it will start beating faster, my eyes will shine with joy, I will want to communicate with him, and I will feel the thread going from my heart straight to him.

Infidelity how I describe

I prefer to build relationships based on love and faithfulness for my partner.

Goals in life

My goals are the happiness and well-being of my family. If the whole family is happy, many goals can be achieved.

How I describe satisfaction in life

My signature dish is the oven-baked duck with apples. It may seem ridiculous, but its taste is something incredible, when I eat this dish, I feel complete satisfaction with my life and myself.

How I describe moral principles

Relationships are a mutual desire to go towards common goals, these are feelings, attraction, chemistry, sometimes even quarrels, this is also acceptable because no one is perfect, we only strive for perfection and learn to interact with each other.

How I describe the importance of friends

I'm cheerful, positive, outgoing, friendly, and I love my friends. Every meeting with them is always unforgettable.

How I describe what trust to me is

For some reason, there is an opinion, trust, but check. And I believe that trust comes from within, deception is always felt in the heart.



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