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Perfect man description

I really want to create a strong happy family! I don't mind the age, but I need a man, who has a big life experience. Who can appreciate and enjoy life? I hope we will inspire each other. And I want to go with him hand in hand to our future happy life. Beauty and youth are temporary notions which although are so appealing, but person can not eternally possess it. What is really important is that you can offer a feeling of inner peace, make your life partner feel happy. So you should know yourself, know what you want, be realized in life, otherwise you still will be chasing for this transient passing illusions. I am sure that no person is perfect without blemish, so I am not looking for "Mister Absolute Perfection", for there aren't any. But I'm waiting for the one special, who comprises a friend, a husband and a lover, with whom, I am richer in my heart and soul, and a more complete person. I need someone to be my partner, who will share all the joy, happiness and sorrow in our life

How I describe myself

I am a family-oriented, intelligent, hardworking, structured, and open-hearted woman. Very kind, polite, honest, and sweet. I am not a difficult woman to live with, most of my friends would say I am nice to everybody. I love active life. My real passions are my work. I also like lots of fun in real life, I will always get to joke with my friends and get people around me to laugh. It is always better to laugh at things and pull yourself up to get through things. Life is also too short, I prefer to have fun and see things positively. I’m a medical doctor, who works in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. I really like my work, it keeps me busy and it is never boring. I like helping people to become more beautiful, successful and self-confident. Despite of this, I will have enough time for my future man. I wish to feel a real woman by his side; I wish to feel cared for, protected and loved. I deserve this small woman happiness. I strongly believe that communication is the basis of a strong relationship.

Value in a man

I'm attracted to courageous men, who know how to take responsibility for their actions, have a sense of humor, and a sense of tact.

Relationship with parents

You begin to understand parents well when children are born. Now I know what a job it is to be a parent and, even more, appreciate our soulful meetings with the family.

True love means to me

Being honest with yourself means understanding your feelings and building relationships without closing your needs with a partner, but filling each other with love, warmth, and sensuality.

Infidelity how I describe

For me, infidelity is deception, this is the collapse of a relationship, and there is no turning back.

Goals in life

Meet a man and feel the attraction to each other in my heart. Enjoy life together, develop, travel, get new experiences, share knowledge, and do everything that makes us happy.

How I describe satisfaction in life

What is satisfaction? It's the fulfillment of desires. We either want or don't want to. If we want and our desire is satisfied, then we feel good, we experience positive emotions, and we feel fulfilled and happy. Isn't it?

How I describe moral principles

Moral principles are the rules of etiquette that are admitted in our relationships, and in our family. This is a kind of code that we agree to at the moment when we fall in love with each other and decide to be together, and build a family.

How I describe the importance of friends

I'm a sociable, friendly woman and I like communication, I like to spend time with friends, but at the same time, family comes first for me.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is as important to me as honesty. Without trust, it is impossible to open your heart 100% and give free rein to your feelings.


Singing, Dancing, Sports, Traveling, Driving


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