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Perfect man description

In a relationship, I'm looking for respect, trust, love. It can even be love without words, but with many actions. I want to know that I'm loved and desired and in return to give my affection, tenderness, care, all my love to one man. I'm looking for a reliable man who knows how to take responsibility for actions, set goals and achieve them. With such a man, I'm ready to go hand in hand in a serious and long-term relationship.

How I describe myself

I can say that I'm a charming woman with beautiful body curves. I'm open, sincere, and have good taste. As a real lady, I love gifts and surprises, not only to receive but also to give. I also love coffee, laughter, and positivity. I want to build a serious, harmonious relationship with a man who seems to me better than everyone else.

Value in a man

I believe that it is better to build a relationship with a man with whom it is easy to find a common language. I value an interesting, self-sufficient man with a good sense of humor.

Relationship with parents

It’s great that there are parents in my life, because dad's hugs are the strongest, and mom's food is the most delicious.

True love means to me

True love is possible with the man with whom I want to wake up in the same bed every morning, whom I can understand without words, and whose love is felt in a heart.

Infidelity how I describe

Infidelity is the lot of the weak.

Goals in life

The creation of a family, the birth of a child are my primary plans for the near future. I’m quite successful in my profession, but without love, without a family, it is impossible to be fully happy.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Getting a massage, cooking, reading an interesting book, watch an exciting movie, walking in the park. There are many things that I do and feel inner satisfaction.

How I describe moral principles

A man is the head of the family, on whom I can rely, trust, next to whom I can maximize my feminine qualities.

How I describe the importance of friends

I love meeting friends, they are always sincere.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is a basic ingredient in every happy and lasting relationship.


equestrian sports, sea, nature, drawing, topiary, French courses


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