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Perfect man description

I hope my man will be tall enough to be in harmony with him in height. No less important is the mind and love for sports, as say a healthy mind in a healthy body. But in general, I dream of meeting a man who wants to start a family and is serious about a relationship with a beautiful Ukrainian woman.

How I describe myself

Optimism is my strongest quality. I love life and use opportunities to become better, and happier. I may be a bit unpunctual, but it's natural for a woman to be 5 minutes late. But I promise to be on time for our first date? I am romantic and gentle, I like to cook tasty and eat deliciously. I have a special love for seafood. Dancing and fitness classes energize me for a long time, and swimming makes me feel lightness, and tenderness in the body.

Value in a man

Of course, at the first meeting with a man, it is important to feel the connection that we like to call chemistry, but I still pay attention to a man's ability to achieve goals.

Relationship with parents

My parents inspired me so much with their love of biology that I decided to become a biologist too.

True love means to me

A loving woman can fill the house with comfort, warmth, caress in which a man wants to return again and again.

Infidelity how I describe

I want to build relationships for love. May infidelity bypass our family.

Goals in life

I believe that many goals can be achieved by effort, but the foundation of everything is love.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Dinner with a beloved man by candlelight on the seashore, gentle breeze, slight sound of the surf, I am in a beautiful evening dress, he is wearing a shirt and blue jeans.

How I describe moral principles

My parents showed me a great example of loving relationship. They showed what it means to love, forgive, be friends, and support each other.

How I describe the importance of friends

I appreciate the friendship proven over the years.

How I describe what trust to me is

Any relationship is better to build on trust. If I love - I trust, and I want my husband to trust me too. I won't give you any reason to doubt.


Dancing, Cinema, Theatre, Art Galleries


fitness, Swimming

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