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Perfect man description

I want to meet a strong man with a positive, light character, self-confidence, and intelligence. It is very important for me that he is family-oriented and love children. I want real pure, mutual, and sincere love with a decent man. I believe that dreams come true and that the man of my dream is somewhere very close and we will find each other very soon.

How I describe myself

I am a charming brunette with beautiful eyes and a radiant smile on my face. I dream of mutual love and a passionate relationship. The irrepressible thirst for adventure and travel always carried me forward. My soul is filled with passion, tenderness, and affection, which will help create strong and happy relationships and a friendly family.

Value in a man

I appreciate intelligence, sense of humor, and cheerfulness in a man.

Relationship with parents

I respect my parents and their invaluable contribution to my upbringing.

True love means to me

Trust, friendship, respect, and when partners feel like one whole.

Infidelity how I describe

From my side, I'm a loving and faithful woman. I hope my husband will be a one-woman man too.

Goals in life

Family, children, our cozy home.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Satisfaction is living and breathing life to the fullest, namely, traveling, discovering new horizons, love, care, communicating with people, doing the work that I like, and in which I reveal my potential and talent.

How I describe moral principles

Honesty with the partner, in feelings, actions, words.

How I describe the importance of friends

It's easy for me to make new acquaintances, but I appreciate childhood friends because we know so much about each other.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust can be compared with confidence, or rather a confidence in the decency of a partner towards me.


travel, books, stretching, drawing


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