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Perfect man description

I like taking care of my health and hope to meet a man who leads an active lifestyle, like exercising and taking care of his woman with great pleasure. I'd like to have a romantic relationship with my future partner, and have trust and understanding between us. I'm sensual, and passionate and know what to suggest to my man and how to make him satisfied.

How I describe myself

I'm a romantic woman, who believes in love from first sight. Am I naive? - No, I just believe in destiny and sincerity of feelings. I like to get breakfast cooked by my man, at the same time I'm very good at cooking and like to pamper my man with something special. I like spending time in nature, fishing, swimming, and photographing. The sport takes an important place in my life, you can be sure that I'm in great shape

Value in a man

I appreciate men's care, sincerity, and inner kindness.

Relationship with parents

My parents are my gods. They have given me a ticket to life, I'm grateful to them for that.

True love means to me

The feeling of importance for a partner and respect.

Infidelity how I describe

I'm against infidelity, as I'm loyal by nature and won't forgive betrayal.

Goals in life

Except for finding a decent and sensual man, I intend to open a beauty salon and help women to become even more stunning.

How I describe satisfaction in life

As I'm a cosmetologist, I enjoy working with women, I'm inspired by their grateful faces, and the desire to continue working in this field is growing every day more and more.

How I describe moral principles

True love is reinforced by real feelings, those that come from within.

How I describe the importance of friends

Definitely, I'm happy to have such loyal and understanding friends, with whom we can have super moments together and forget the count of time.

How I describe what trust to me is

I put trust in the first place after love. As romance can't be born without sincere feelings, harmony can't be without a mutual desire to have it.


Sports, billiards, fishing, photo, and video shooting


Yoga, archery, water aerobics

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