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Perfect man description

I'm looking for a reliable and decent man who wants to have a strong and wonderful relationship. Purposefulness and self-confidence add charisma to a man and arouses interest in a female.

How I describe myself

I have many advantages and almost no disadvantages. I quickly and skillfully adapt to new conditions and can be independent and reliable. My purposefulness helps me through life. I dream and reinforce my dreams of action. In a relationship, I'm gentle, soft, feminine, and know when to be playful.

Value in a man

I appreciate the love of sports.

Relationship with parents

I have a warm relationship with my parents and friendly communication with my brother. We love to joke, go to the cinema together, go to concerts, and attend festivals.

True love means to me

True love is like reading a real book that you can hold and smell.

Infidelity how I describe

I immediately feel that my partner's attitude towards me is changing. Therefore, I would rather talk to my man, instead of suffering from infidelity.

Goals in life

Happy family, beloved husband, and healthy children.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Put on comfortable clothes and go to photograph nature around. Or take a suitcase and go on a journey, exploring new horizons.

How I describe moral principles

The ability to give and receive happiness, support, pleasure, and respect.

How I describe the importance of friends

I always easily find a common language with people, so our communication with friends is easy and relaxed.

How I describe what trust to me is

It is easy to guess what my man wants at the moment.


Travel, photography, yachting, driving.


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