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Perfect man description

My ideal man is a real man who knows how to be strong, responsible, and able to protect his woman and family. In a relationship, it is important to have common interests, do things together, share emotions, talk on various topics, make joint plans, and go towards common goals. Are you ready to see the smile of your beloved woman every morning? I love to smile and want to fill your every morning with my charming smile.

How I describe myself

I'm not a very romantic lady, but I'm active, inquisitive, caring, and loving. Family comes first for me. I love to travel and have visited about 25 countries. I adore dancing and wakeboarding, watching movies with my favorite actors, cooking for people I love, and working. Work is what brings me pleasure, I love not only treating women but also sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues. I'm ready for a relationship and for life with a man next to whom I can reveal all my passion and tenderness.

Value in a man

Courage, intelligence, sense of humor.

Relationship with parents

I know what it is to be a parent, what work and the contribution it is. How much time and attention do children take

True love means to me

True love is mercy, patience, the ability to wait, honesty, and understanding of another person's nature.

Infidelity how I describe

As for me, I'm a faithful woman. I don't want to be with a man, who can betray me. Infidelity hurts a lot and leaves unpleasant sediment on the soul.

Goals in life

Love, new hobbies, work in pleasure.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Dance is satisfaction for my body. I used to dance in a ballet, so I'm still flexible.

How I describe moral principles

Those norms and rules that a man and a woman establish between themselves and the two of them are comfortable.

How I describe the importance of friends

I like communication and not only at work, I'm a speaker at medical training, but also with my close friends.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is above all honesty between partners.


Wakeboarder, kite surfer, former professional dancer


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