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Perfect man description

I'm here to find my man who wants to be happy next to a loving woman. I hope that it will be easy to communicate with him on various topics. I'm devoted in a relationship and I want to build relationships based on love, passion, friendship, and mutual interest. We could have good moments together, let's not waste time and do something exciting.

How I describe myself

I'm a rather purposeful woman, I know what it means to move to another country and learn a foreign language. It's not really scary, but on the contrary, it's interesting. I'm polite, feminine, light, and airy like a butterfly. I love to swim, walk along the sea or in the forest. I'm loving by nature and prefer to show my feelings, and give a man my tenderness and warmth.

Value in a man

Romanticism, fidelity, caring for his woman.

Relationship with parents

My mom lives in another country, and we rarely see each other, but keep in touch via phone.

True love means to me

Tenderness, mutual understanding, striving for life without quarrels, although misunderstandings may arise, the main thing is to find a compromise.

Infidelity how I describe

Infidelity isn't acceptable to me. I'm a loyal person and hope to meet a man who will be honest and faithful too

Goals in life

My main goal is to meet a good man to build a happy relationship.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Rest on the seashore with my beloved man, his gentle hugs in the morning, passionate kisses, and morning coffee on the terrace overlooking the sea. I'm a romantic woman and enjoy all the moments that further strengthen our love.

How I describe moral principles

Loyalty, care, sincerity, and the desire to make each other happy.

How I describe the importance of friends

I can't imagine life without friends. Especially when relatives live so far from me.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is hard to build but so easy to lose. Trust is born from sincerity and openness.


Traveling, pets, psychology, horseback riding, cooking


Swimming, fitness

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