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Perfect man description

I'm looking for a man who wants to connect his life with an amazing woman and make each other happy. I think there is nothing more inspiring than looking into the eyes of a loved one. I appreciate male affection and care, I go crazy from passionate kisses. Love is the most fascinating feeling that a person can experience in this earthly experience. So let's build the future as we want it, not put off the pleasure for later.

How I describe myself

It is important for a woman to have a beautiful appearance but also a kind, loving heart. I love my job but the one who works well should have a good rest. So I do fitness regularly, travel, and play the piano with pleasure. If I'm sad, then deliciously cooked seafood will always cheer me up. Although I rarely get sad. By nature, I am positive, fair, responsible, and passionate. And I look forward to meeting a man who can curb my passion.

Value in a man

The ability to support his woman.

Relationship with parents

Circumstances have developed so that now I live with my parents. We get along well enough.

True love means to me

When I'm surrounded by the care, affection, and love of my man.

Infidelity how I describe

Definitely, in a relationship where both partners love each other, there will be no place for infidelity.

Goals in life

Partner, family, love, friendship, success, impressions.

How I describe satisfaction in life

They say that delicious food brings a sense of satisfaction. For me, sincere relationships based on love and mutual understanding bring satisfaction.

How I describe moral principles

I'm a woman of words. I value honesty, reciprocity, and support in relationships. A man's eyes should shine when he looks at his beloved.

How I describe the importance of friends

I can't imagine my life without friends. True friends are so close to me, almost like a family.

How I describe what trust to me is

Jealousy and distrust caused my divorce. I believe that without trust in a relationship, a partner feels like a prisoner, everyone needs personal space and a sense of inner freedom.




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