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Perfect man description

A real man, who is reliable, courageous, caring, and has a strong desire to build a happy future with a lovely woman. We both want the same, we are looking for that unique but so special feeling of love. That can be discovered only in the moment of hearts union, once and forever.

How I describe myself

I can say a lot about myself, but don't want to seem boring telling a lot)) I'm gentle, neat, punctual, loving, caring, and well-mannered. Friends say that enjoy spending time with me as I spoil them with tasty food and good jokes. Life seems to be grey without humor but I know exactly the moments for being serious. I do hope you have a great sense of humor.

Value in a man

I greatly value the capability to be respectful and polite to a woman.

Relationship with parents

I love spending time with my family.

True love means to me

I think true love it's when together you can overcome, as a team, any challenges of life. Get through sorrows and joys, in richness or poorness.

Infidelity how I describe

I'm willing to meet a man who is faithful in a relationship.

Goals in life

The one thing that I want most of all is to create a family and build a happy future with a beloved man.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Theatre, traveling, art, sport. I can make a list of things that give me inner satisfaction and inspiration.

How I describe moral principles

The most important is to support one another and be near, especially in difficult moments.

How I describe the importance of friends

I like communicating with interesting people and spending time with my friends.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is easy to be wobbled, even a small lie can ruin the love.


Theatre, traveling, aerobics, shaping, spending time with family or friends, spending time outdoors



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