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Perfect man description

It makes no sense to make a list of requirements for my chosen one since I still make a choice with my heart. It doesn’t matter to me how old he is, or what color his hair is because the main thing is that I feel comfortable next to him, so that I feel light and relaxed. Feeling loved and safe next to a man is what every woman aspires to, including me. I know that my heart will tell me without hesitation who my destiny is.

How I describe myself

I am a gentle, caring, considerate woman who yearns for love and male care. I love romance, adventure, live music, pleasant conversations sitting by the fireplace, sunsets by the sea. I notice the beauty around and next to a man I always feel inspired. Here, I'm looking for love, the one about which they write poems and sing songs. They say she can't compare to anything. Is it true?

Value in a man

A sense of humor and the ability to find positive moments even in the most unpleasant situations.

Relationship with parents

Like all people, I sometimes have misunderstandings with my parents, but the conversation helps to resolve any conflict.

True love means to me

If a man is ready to protect me, create a safe environment for living, and take care of me. And every time I meet him at home with a smile and gentle kisses.

Infidelity how I describe

In my opinion, infidelity occurs in those moments when a man and a woman lose contact with each other.

Goals in life

Feel at home in the country where I will live with my future husband.

How I describe satisfaction in life

The ability to rejoice not only in my achievements but also in the achievements of my soulmate, my children.

How I describe moral principles

Mutual understanding with a partner, the ability to find a compromise, negotiate, and build joint plans.

How I describe the importance of friends

Friends are people with whom you can relax, talk about various topics, and ask for advice. I think a person who has no friends is lonely.

How I describe what trust to me is

For me, complete trust comes when I can leave my children with my man without a doubt and be sure that he will take care of them while I'm absent.




yoga, pilates

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