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I dream of a kind and reliable man, next to whom I will feel like behind a stone wall. Every woman wants to feel the support from her beloved man in order to completely relax at some point and feel weak and defenseless. I would like to create a strong and happy family with my future husband. Therefore, I hope he will have deep family values like me. I have something to offer a man from my gentle feminine side ... my inner kindness, affection, warmth, care, and, of course, playfulness.

How I describe myself

Lightness and tenderness are my main qualities. This is probably why I use every chance that life gives me. With interest and pleasure, I explore this world, travel. I even lived in the UAE for 6 years, because it was interesting for me to plunge into a completely different world, different culture, other traditions. I prefer an active lifestyle, in this period of my life I am mastering roller skates. But I enjoy dinner in a comfortable atmosphere in a nice and cozy place with a beloved man.

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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