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I was born into a friendly family with two wonderful brothers. One of them lives in Germany and the other in Ukraine. We have a good relationship with our parents, although each of us has our own personal space. My parents divorced 30 years ago, but they remain on good terms. My close friends would describe me as a wise, polite, and stylish person with a great sense of taste. I am studying in Austria and working, with two majors: a master's degree in math and a law degree. I am currently studying the digital public. I am passionate about sports, especially tennis and going to the gym. I prefer weekend trips to hot springs, can drive well, and enjoy many hobbies including candle making and photography. As for my personal life, I would like to see a wealthy, wise man, at least 185 cm tall, blond, generous, and responsible. I plan to be on maternity leave with children up to 5 years old and then continue doing my work. My life is filled with interests and the joy of learning and hobbies.

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Travel; Tennis; Reading; Other; Shopping, Art, drawing


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