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I am looking for a kind, hardworking, and generous man who is accomplished in his profession. He should be cultured, educated, and free of bad habits.

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Lyudmila is a dynamic entrepreneur residing in Paphos, Cyprus. She has a bachelor's degree in law from Legal Professional University in Ukraine. Fluent in both English and Ukrainian, she enjoys a wide range of interests including art, books, fine dining, music, and fashion. Lyudmila has a passion for traveling and engaging in meaningful conversations with intelligent and educated individuals. Known for her excellent sense of humor and sociability, Lyudmila is also a talented cook. She is currently designing women's clothing and interiors, balancing her professional life with raising her young daughter, born in 2018. She is kind, caring, and culturally refined, appreciating the finer things in life such as painting, architecture, music, and theater. Lyudmila leads a healthy, athletic lifestyle and values quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, and acts of service in a relationship. Lyudmila is looking for a partner who shares her values and interests, someone who appreciates art and culture and enjoys a well-rounded and fulfilling life. She is open to long-distance relationships and relocation for the right person.

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Art; Books; Fine-Dining; Music


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