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Perfect man description

I wondered many times what kind of man I need, pondered on this topic. I have understood the main thing - I don't care about the height, color of hair or eyes. I do care about the quality of relationships that we can build. The state of joy and love, which can experience next to a loved one, those positive emotions that we'll give each other are the most important.

Value in a man

I’m ready to share feelings with a dear man, who will appreciate it. Tenderness in the relations with my lover is exactly what I need. I think real man knows how to love and accept female care. I’ll be very happy if you have common interests but of course I’ll always respect your hobbies and interests.

Relationship with parents

My mom is my close friend. I can always ask her advice, share thoughts. Dad is my teacher, he taught me to fish and love books. I remember he worked abroad for a long time and often sent gifts for mom and me. I was always happy with his presents, care, attention and understood how much he loves us. Even now, remembering those moments I feel love and warmth in my heart.

True love means to me

Understand what true love is can only someone, who is full of love inside, a man with a big heart, who knows how to give joy, warmth, care and attention. Parents say that I have always been and stay now open, sincere and kindhearted since childhood. I used to fed homeless animals, treated a wounded pigeon or cat. Probably my sincere intentions and inner kindness help me to love with all my heart and soul.

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

In childhood I loved taking care of animals. I dreamed of opening a shelter for homeless animals. Now my main priority is to create a strong and happy family. I plan to learn a foreign language thoroughly, as well as learn to ride a surfboard.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Enjoying the pleasure of life is first and foremost to feel like a complete person. Use the opportunities and chances that life gives.

How I describe moral principles

Moral principles are the personal moral laws of each of us, determining how far we can go in our actions, what can we afford to have in life.

How I describe the importance of friends

Wherever we are, our friends create our world. I think the only way to have a friend is to be one.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is confidence in the decency and goodwill of a partner. The main sign of trust in a relationship is faithfulness.

How I describe myself

I consider myself as a purposeful girl with deep moral principles. People say that my outer beauty is a reflection of my inner world. They think I can be trusted. I learned not to wait for the one who comes and make you happy, but to be happy now. I try to get pleasure of nice communication with friends, outdoor activities with relatives, enjoy the work, delicious food, beautiful clothes. Wearing a dress and high heels I feel myself a real woman.


Hobby is a way to enjoy my free time and relax after work. I do things that fascinate me: read books, swim, listen to the music, visit live concerts.


Every morning I go to the forest for a run with my dog. Two hours a day in nature are necessary for me. After jogging I dive into an ice water and after that I go to work full of strength and energy.