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Perfect man description

I came here to meet someone that makes me feel special. Someone who is loving, supporting, intelligent, active, loyal, responsible and has a good sense of humor. My perfect man is humble and doesn’t boast. He has a big caring heart for others; he wants happiness for his family and also wants to make the world a better place. He takes responsibilities and is a man of his word. He doesn’t judge or condemn, he is wise enough to give a good advice, ready to help and open to communication. He can admit that he is wrong and likes to explore. I want to meet someone who can become my best friend, passionate lover, reliable partner and a soul mate. Someone who accepts and loves my flaws and imperfections, as far as nobody is perfect. He will never make me question or doubt myself. I wish to meet someone who will care and love me unconditionally.

How I describe myself

I'm full of love and compassion but I save it for a very close circle of people. I am direct, straight forward and honest. Good thing in me is that I never lie and hate liars a lot. I prefer always to be happy to sad. Yes when I become sad I don’t cry at that day I listen song and song can make me happy. I am not going to give up until I achieve everything I have planned for. I truly believe happiness is a contagious sentiment. When I do something and make this person happy, I get happy not because I feel great about what I did, but because happiness is contagious and I genuinely want from the bottom of my heart for this person. I put a lot of work into the relationships I want to have. I value honesty and integrity, and I do my best to keep my word. I usually show up when I say I will. I am tactful, trustworthy, sweet, helpful, faithful, forgiving and reliable.

Value in a man

Confidence, security, decisiveness, strong will, good nature, loyalty, activity, positive thinking, humor

Relationship with parents

I am grateful for everything they did for me. I realized that I wanted to be like them, that I want to chase after my dreams and catch them, that I want to succeed and that I want to get the best education that I possibly could. They support me 100% and did their best to be an example.

True love means to me

True love isn't easy, fight for it. Because once you find it, it is irreplaceable. True love is being yourself with him, and be accepted no matter how different you are. It is when being with that special person, you just somehow feel whole.

Infidelity how I describe

It is like you trusted somebody, and that trust was thrown under a bus. Well, even if you mend that broken trust, it will never be the same again.

Goals in life

My goal in life is to meet my soul mate and create a family, to enjoy each and every day of my life. I wish also to lead an active and healthy life for the benefit of my well being and those near and dear ones. Also learn one new subject/skill every year! Travel as much as I can on a budget and experience what life is like in various parts. Watch as many movies and read as many books as possible in more and more languages. Keep developing myself as a professional.

How I describe satisfaction in life

The satisfaction of living a good life is when people respect you no matter what. No matter, what you do in life, and if your friends and family are not there to see it, it is not legendary. If I will find my way I will inspire people to achieve their own goals. More and more people should be successful and satisfied.

How I describe moral principles

Morals are a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.

How I describe the importance of friends

I think a true friend is a helpmate, who is the same in happiness and sorrow, who gives good counsel, who sympathizes. He reveals his secrets and conceals my own secrets. True friend informs me of what is unknown to myself…

How I describe what trust to me is

People are products of their experiences. A broken trust experience, whether early or later in life, builds up walls and festers an untrusting attitude. Personally I have found that trust/mistrust is a two way street. Like most areas of friendship or relationships, rarely is only one person to blame. It takes two to tango!



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