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Perfect man description

I have joined here with the great hope to find the serious man, reliable, strong, very polite, kind, sensual, attentive and caring, loving, romantic, someone who values feelings and who is ready to give himself to love. My dream is a faithful friend next to me, open and straight person, someone who will never lie or betray. The man of my life is humorous, who likes to joke and laugh, who likes to enjoy life to the fullest and together we can make our life better: What do you think? Can we be a good match? I think we need to try to communicate to understand this.:) Agree?

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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How I describe myself

I am very tender, caring, responsive, cheerful, very optimistic, like to smile. But at the same time I have the strong side in my character, which helps me to be goal-oriented and responsible in my work and usual life. Along with that I am feminine and romantic. I have strong family values, and dream to create wonderful strong connection with the man, whom I am going to find here.:) I am very sincere and honest, open and very communicative, it is very easy for me to find common language with everyone.


I am an active person since my childhood, I like sport, adore exercises, fitness, and most of all I like swimming. It makes good influence not only on my body, but on my soul.:) As I like arts, I like painting and create my own pictures. Also I adore reading, mostly psychological literature, trying to learn myself and the surrounding world.;) Cooking is one of my hobbies, I adore baking different kinds of cakes and pies. I adore travelling and I have been to some countries and dream to visit Spain.:)


swimming, fitness, walking, jogging