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I am looking for my man. It would be nice if he is independent, kind and intelligent, the man with great sense of humor. I would like to feel myself comfortable in his company, without pressure and awkwardness. He is decent, reliable, caring, loving, self-confident and responsible. I would like to smile and laugh with him, feel myself protected in his arms, feel happiness when I look into his eyes. I would be happy to meet sunrises and sunsets together, spending this time in joy, romance and passion… Would you like it too?

How I describe myself

I can tell about myself that I am a cheerful and positive woman:) I love smiling and making everyone around happy. Actually I am fighter for justice and in such cases I can not be silent! Sometimes I am sensible, but I never express these emotions to people at once. By nature I am tender, kind and sweet. I do not hold grudges! I love kids and animals, if I see someone is in trouble, I never pass by. I do my best and help... What do you dream of? I dream of having my beloved man beside and raising common kids together

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I consider myself a creative person who likes to make beautiful things. Mostly I like bead weaving and embroidering, also I am fond of decoupage. When I have even a free minute, I take instruments and start creating :) I can’t say that I am a sporty woman, but I am engaged in fitness, swimming and tennis. I love to make coziness at home, I like to cook delicious meals and do it every day! Sometimes in the evening I walk in the park or near the river or go for a trip out of the city. If you are my man, I would spend all my free time with you. How does it sound?:)


fitness ,swimming, tennis, walking, running

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